Check VPN Documentation 1,0,3


This tool check every x seconds your public ip address, if it changes (VPN fall down for example) it stops one or several programs.



- You need to install JAVA 1,8 on your operating system


- Download the .jar
- Double click on it
- Click on the button "Update ip" to get your public ip address.
- Type the programs separated by semicolon that you would like to stop when the VPN is falling down (ex: utorrent.exe;firefox.exe on linux just put "firefox" no extension)
- Click on start button and the program will check every x seconds your ip address, if it not the VPN's ip the programs will be stopped by this tool.


- The option "auto start" start the process automaticaly when you start the tool without clicking on the button "start".
- If you remove the .ser file you will have the default parameters.
- Put a wav to play a sound when the VPN crash or let it empty for no sound.
- Set the mail parameters to send an email when the VPN crash.
Download the jar on
Sources on github...